Can an air purifier eliminate cigarette smoke

Can an air purifier eliminate cigarette smoke?

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     Some sources say that it is impossible for an air purifier to eliminate cigarette smoke. They say this is because air purifiers are not designed to have mechanisms that can eradicate air pollutants let alone cigarette smoke. They say this arguing that tobacco smoke particles are very tiny. They are designed to be so small so that they can reach the outer areas of the lungs. It so for these reasons that an air purifier can’t get rid of cigarette smoke. They are wrong. It has been proven that an air purifier can get rid of cigarette smoke. They have special filters that help in the elimination of cigarette smoke.

How they eliminate the cigarette smoke.

How they eliminate the cigarette smoke

Basically what an air purifier does is to trap polluted air into its system. The air then passes through the filters which removes the pollutants. After the air is purified it is sent back and youend up breathing in clean and fresh air. Air purifiers have filters that can trap smoke and other pollutants in the best way possible. Some of the filters include;

  • Activated carbon filters.

     This is the most absorbent air filter in the market. It absorbs cigarette smoke, chemicals and other dangerous fumes from the air. It is rarely used alone when it comes to air purification but used together with other air filters. This kind of air filter has small absorbent pores in it which chemically react with the smoke particles and other air pollutants as they pass through it, it is because of this reason that the activated carbon filter can be able to trap the cigarette smoke particles from the air. This kind of air filter does not release contaminants into the air like others .It is hence safe when using an air purifier with such air filters.

  • Ionic filters.

     This is also a good type of air filter that some air purifiers have. An air purifier with this kind of an air filter can be used to eliminate cigarette smoke effectively. This air filter generates negative ions. The negative ions generated attracts the airborne cigarette smoke particles which are positive. These particles tend to be heavy due to the combination with the negative ions. They hence fall to the floor. Air purifiers with such filters can eliminate ultra-fine particles of pollutants even as small as 0.1 microns. If you are a smoker or any other person in your family is, it will be best if you buy an air purifier with such filters. This will prevent other family members from being exposed to second hand smoke which may turn out to be very dangerous.

               Getting yourself a good air purifiers is very important. Air purifiers also get rid of odors in the air caused by cigarette smoke providing a conducive environment for the occupants of the house to be in. There are many air purifiers in the market that can efficiently get rid of cigarette smoke ,they may be having both or one of the air filters above .We will look at one of the air purifiers that can be used to eliminate cigarette smoke.

  • Rabbit Air MinusA2

       This air purifier has a customer rating of 4.9.This therefore means that it is very useful and efficient in the elimination of cigarette smoke. It can get rid of cigar smoke which has far much worse odor than cigarette smoke. It is fitted with many filters including the ionic and activated carbon filters .These filters are customized and you have the freedom to choose which filter should be working at a given time according to the condition of the air in your house. These is done by just pressing a button. It purifies and deodorizes air in six different stages. With such great ability, it can purify air effectively eliminating 99 percent of the pollutants in the air .The air filters are long lasting and may take an year or two before they are replaced .This will save you the cost of buying new ones regularly .It does not require a lot of energy to operate and it is ultra-quiet in its operation. These are some of the mechanisms that this type of air purifier has been fitted with so that it can eliminate cigarette smoke. It not only eliminates cigarette smoke but also can get rid of pollutants like dust in the house.

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