Advantages of using a Portable Air Purifier

Advantages of using a Portable Air Purifier Instead of Installing a Central In-Duct Purifier

Advantages of using a Portable Air Purifier

Air purifiers are very important in our homes because of their functions which are to get rid of pollutants present in the air. An air purifier can be distinguished on whether it is portable or can be wall mounted. Portable, meaning that they can be, moved from one place to another to serve its purpose. The main purpose of air purifiers is to purify air and get rid of toxins from the air. A central In-Duct air purifier is normally installed in the air return duct of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. This is to enable it to purify all the air that goes through it. The air purifier contains ultra violet lamps that produce purification agents through a certain process. These purification agents remove impurities from the air. The portable air purifier has advantages over the Central In-Duct air purifier. Some of these advantages may be in terms of :


  • It is more effective in its operation

Portable air purifiers are more effective in their operation than the Central in Duct air purifier’s       .This is mainly because they can be moved from place to place .They can be moved from room to room or placed at a central point to purify the air. This is not the case for a Central In-Duct purifier because it is wall mounted and hence it is stationary. Obstructions like the furniture, the doors and the walls prevent it from purifying most of the air in the house. The portable Air purifier is fitted with modern filtration technology. It can hence trap a wide range of air pollutants and even odors. This is not the case for Central in Duct air purifiers.

  • The price

     Portable air purifiers are cheap to purchase .The central in duct purifier is expensive to buy and even install in your house. They are also very expensive to maintain. The fact that they are wall mounted is a reason that makes them require lots of maintenance for them to be in perfect operation. It is cheaper to have portable air purifiers in every room in your house than to install the one Central in Duct purifier in your house.

  • Energy efficient.

       The portable air purifier uses less energy when in operation. The Central in Duct air purifier is required to run 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week so as to continuously purify the air. Hence this kind of air purifier uses a lot of energy during its operation. This might turn out to be very expensive for the consumer. It has being proven that putting a portable air purifier in every room in your house may turn out to use less energy than installing a single Central in-duct air purifier .With modern fitted technology the portable air purifier uses less energy than the Central in duct air purifiers.

  • It covers more area.

     The portable air purifiers generally cover more area in air purification. Some air purifiers can purify air up to an area of 1500 square feet. The fact that this kind of air purifier can be moved from room to room enables it to purify the air in every room in the house .The Central in Duct air purifier is immobile and hence can only cover the area it is in. If you happen to be living in a big house, then you might consider buying the portable kind of air purifiers. Using the central in duct air purifiers may turn out to be more expensive to install in every room of the house .Portable air purifiers can also be put in central point and serve the big house.

     Basically it is important to have an idea of air purifiers and how they work. This is very advantageous for the consumer .The market is full of these machines and having knowledge of which air purifier is fit for the kind of house you have is very essential. Generally the portable air purifier is very advantageous over the Central in duct air purifier mostly in terms of the cost and its effectiveness. The above advantages may be a guide in enabling you to buy the right air purifier for your home.

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Where Should I Place an Air Purifier

Where Should I Place an Air Purifier?

Where Should I Place an Air Purifier

Placing your air purifier in a strategic position is essential in ensuring its effectiveness. Air purifiers purify the air by getting rid of pollutants in the air. They should be placed in areas which are prone to have more air pollutants or are believed to be the sources of these pollutants. An Air purifier should be placed where it is not too much exposed and it should not be placed where it can end up getting damaged. Placement of the air purifier is very important and should be taken into consideration after it has been bought. Some of the best places for air purifiers to be placed include :

Where Should You Place an Air Purifier

  • In the bedroom.

         It is believed that we spend a third of our lifetime in the bedroom. These are very important places for the air purifiers to be placed. The bedroom may be dusty and also full of polluted air. If polluted air is inhaled during our sleep it might end up affecting our health by causing respiratory tract infections and also trigger asthmatic attacks. Our beddings like the blankets, pillows and the bed sheets might also be harbors of a lot of dust .Besides washing them, using air purifiers might turn out to be very effective. An Air purifier will eradicate these air pollutants protecting you from them and hence a healthy living through the prevention of allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks.

  • Near the door.

     Placing a UV air purifier near the door is ideal since it will act like a shield purifying and filtering incoming air. Most of the air purifiers in the market use UV lights and ionizers to sanitize and purify the air. Placing such kinds of air purifiers near the door will prevent entry of dusts and irritants that might trigger allergic reactions like continues sneezing or asthmatic attacks like coughing or wheezing.

  • Near the source.

     Placing the air purifier near the source is very ideal in eradicating the pollutants. Identifying the major source of the contaminants is the first step. Placing the air purifier near the contaminants is the second step. This will save you the time of cleaning up the whole house by reducing the amount of pollutants like dust in your home. If odor from smoke happens to get into your house, maybe because your neighbor is a smoker; it is advisable to place the air purifier where the odor is believed to be getting into your house.

  • In the kitchen.

     Placing the air purifier in the kitchen will prevent the spread of odor that might come from the kitchen. The odor can mainly come from the trash can or the sink. Place the air purifier near the trash can, as this is a major source of odor and dust particles .The odor from the trash leaves the house stuffy and uncomfortable to stay in .It is also a source of dust that might affect the occupants especially if one or all of them are allergic or asthmatic to dust. Having an air purifier in your kitchen will get rid of these irritants hence providing a conducive environment to be in.

  • Near the bathroom

     The bathroom is one room in your house that generates a lot of odor. Having a UV air purifier placed near the entrance will be ideal in the eradication of the odor. The HEPA (high efficient particulate air) filters will get rid of the dead microbes in the air. Your house will therefore be free from foul gases and you will be breathing in clean and fresh air.

  • At a central point.

       This should especially be done during the winter season .Some air purifiers like the ‘Austin Air Health Mate HM 400’ take in air from all sides in a 360 degrees angle. Placing it at a central point will facilitate its effectiveness in purifying the whole room or even the whole house. These air purifiers should be placed at a point where they can’t be knocked when one walks around .Also avoid placing it near electronics like the television. These electronics run on the same frequency and placing them together will cause interference. The air purifier should also not be placed near the furnace.

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Reasons why Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air

Reasons why Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air

It is hard for someone to believe that most of the time indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. One may base his or her arguments in that, outdoor air is more polluted because of the dust from construction sites ,exhausted fumes from cars ,polluted gases from industries or even clouds of dust in the air. Truth be told, indoor air is most of the time more polluted probably because ‘polluted air’ inside the house is not gotten rid of or controlled effectively, hence accumulates to higher levels. The air circulation outside is more and effective in controlling air pollution than the inside. According to some scientific research the environment inside the house is said to be two to five times more toxic than the outside environment. House hold cleaning products are said to contain carcinogenic products which cause cancer. 80% of cancer cases are due to environmental factors rather than genetic factors. Your indoor air can be full of these carcinogenic substances and necessary measures should be taken like using an air purifier to clean the indoor air. There are many reasons why indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air.


  • Poor ventilation.

Poor ventilation is a major cause of indoor pollution. Air ventilation is the replacement of foul smelling and polluted air with fresh air. These air pollutants will definitely accumulate to dangerous levels if your house is poorly ventilated. There is always free air circulation outside and hence the outdoor air turns out to be less polluted. If the levels of humidity are high or there is lack of air conditioning the concentration of air pollutants will rise to much higher levels. This is mostly common in industrial and highly urbanized areas. To curb this problem ensure that your house is well ventilated and free of air pollutants .Using air conditioners and air purifiers will reduce levels of pollutants in the air.

  • Tobacco smoke.

This is another major reason why indoor air might be more polluted than the outdoor air. Chances of these air pollutants being eradicated by the free circulation of air are minimal if the pollutants are indoors; hence the indoor air ends up being more polluted than the outdoor air. Second hand smoke from tobacco is known to be the cause of many lung cancer cases. It can also lead to respiratory tract infections or trigger asthmatic attacks. If one has to smoke it is better to do it outside to prevent pollution of indoor air. It is advisable to use air purifiers to purify the air if one has to smoke indoors.

  • Cooking and heating.

When coal, kerosene, oil or wood burn in a poorly ventilated house, they give out dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and other gases.This is because they burn in limited oxygen. The gases they produce accumulate in the air hence the air becomes more polluted. Carbon monoxide can worsen cardiovascular diseases or interfere with the ability of the blood to carry oxygen hence suffocation and death may follow. Nitrogen dioxide can irritate the respiratory tract or even the eyes .Using these sources of energy to cook or for heating in a poorly ventilated house will definitely lead to the rise of air pollutants in your house. Always ensure that your house is well ventilated when using these sources of energy for cooking or heating.

  • Use of insecticides.

Insecticides are mostly used in homes to control insects like house flies or cockroaches which are a major nuisance especially in the kitchen. Many insecticides are in the form of sprays and may turn out to be dangerous to the occupants when they are used to control insects. These sprays contain chemicals that are released into the air when they are being used. Therefore better methods of controlling the insects should be used. If the insecticides have to be used it is advisable to use air purifiers to clean the air and remove the remaining chemicals if all the insects have been controlled. Some air purifiers can be able to control 99.97% of air pollutants of up to a size of 0.3 microns. It will be best if your home has such kinds of air purifiers.

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Do I Really Need an Air Purifier

Do I Really Need an Air Purifier?

Do I Really Need an Air Purifier

There many reasons that may put you in a position where you really need an air purifier. The air in your house being polluted may propel you to buy an air purifier. Thehouse being full of dust and other air pollutants is the order of the day in many homes. These pollutants have an effect on our health .The effect might be a major or minor one depending on the pollutant but all in all they have unwanted effects on our health. An air purifier being a machine that purifies the air around us is very essential in our homes. It might turn out to be very helping in some homes but in others it might turn out to be of little importance. These are some of the basic reasons why you may need an air purifier in your home.

Do You Really Need an Air Purifier

  • If you are allergic or asthmatic to air pollutants.

       Some air pollutants like dust or smoke can cause allergic or asthmatic attacks. The body can react when exposed to these pollutants. Dust can trigger allergic reactions like rashes on one’s body or watery eyes or even sneezing often.Some asthmaticreactions brought about by these air pollutants may include wheezing or coughing. It is very advisable to buy an air purifier if you are allergic or have asthma .An air purifier is designed to eliminate air pollutants which are the triggers of allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks.They have special filters like HEAP ( High efficient particulate air) filters that get rid of dust and even smoke. ‘Yes!’you need an air purifier if you are allergic or asthmatic to air pollutants.

  • If your children are at home.

       Children can be affected more by polluted air than adults. This will make them contract respiratory diseases like cold or flu. The health of children is ‘delicate’ and they can be hospitalized due to exposure to air pollutants.You therefore need an air purifier in yourhouse for this reason .Air purifiers will purify the air especially in their bedrooms, where they spend most of their time. Having an air purify hence will protect you and your children from airpollutants hence healthy living

  • Air purifiers improve air quality.

       The fact that air purifiers cleans up the air around you definitely shows that it improves the air quality. Presence of quality airwill provide a conducive environment for you to stay in. Air purifies get rid of bad odor and dust in the air. It is for this reason that you may require an air purifier in yourhome. It will be better to use an air purifier other than opening your windows .Opening your windows might bring in more dust and air pollutants from outside hence using an air purifier will be the better option. Using an air purifier is therefore better in improving the air quality hence you need it!

  • If you have pets in your house.

         Pets can be a major cause of dust in yourhouse. Installing air purifiers in your house is essential in getting rid of dust brought by pets. Hair and fur that fall off from their bodies or even pet dander bring about dust in your house .There are many quality air purifiers that not only capture fur or hair from the pets ,but also eradicate dust and air particles from pet’s dander. Particles from the pet’sdander have awe foul smell and this may require the use of an air purifier to curb the situation. Openingthe windows may be an option but might turn out to be ineffective and not helpful.

  • If you are a smoker.

If you are a smoker it is very advisable to buy an air purifier for your home .An air purifier will purify the air in your home even the smoke from cigarettes. Many air purifiers are designed to trap smoke from cigarettes and even remove the odor brought by the cigarette smoke. Inhaling second hand smoke may affect the health of your family members, either by them being uncomfortable due to the choky smoke or even contracting deadly diseases like lung cancer. Using an air purifier in your house will therefore prevent this and hence a healthy family.

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