The Differences between an Air Purifier and Air Cleaner

The Differences between an Air Purifier and Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner

There is no much difference between an air purifier and an air cleaner. Actually they are almost thesame, butthey havevery minor aspects that differentiate them. An air purifier captures and removespolluted substances from the air. The major difference may be on how they get rid of pollutants from the air. Most air cleaners get rid of air pollutantselectronically. They do this by using positively charged ions. On the other hand air purifiers are fitted with filters that effectively capture and trap toxins from the air. Some of the toxins may include smoke, dustmites, pollen and even mold. Wecan take a look of each of these devices individually to get to understand the difference better.

Air Purifier

  • Air cleaner.

Air cleaners clean up the air as the name suggests .These devices have some similarities with the air purifier. The most common type ofan air cleaner is the electronic air cleaner. It uses very high voltages to get rid of toxins in the air like dust and pet dander. The air cleaner gets rid of allergens in the air. This will prevent exposure of asthmatic people to triggers. Air cleaners capture and trap particles in the air through particle bonding. The air cleaner creates a negative ion from electricity. An ion is a particle that is either negatively or positively charged. The negative ions created induce particles of toxins to be positively charged. Justlike how a magnet behaves the positive and the negative ions attract. This is the mechanism that the electronic air cleaner uses to get rid of the pollutants from the air.This device is less noisy than other air purifiers and can save on cost since it uses less amounts of energy. Unlike the air purifiers, this device does not have motorized fans but uses ionizers to trap toxins. Air cleaners can hence get rid of pollutants effectively .An example of an air cleaners is the ‘Aprilaire Model 5000 Whole house air cleaner’ which has been rated as number one by magazines. It gets rid of 98 %of the air pollutants. Generally it reduces the amount of dust in your home hence a cleaner house.

  • Air purifier.

An air purifier serves the same purpose as the air cleaner but the two have slight differences .An air purifier mainly uses air filters to get rid of toxins from the air .Toxins may include allergens and smoke particles .Allergens are substances that trigger asthmatic attacks .Air purifiers have HEPA ( High efficient particulate air ) filters that capture toxins from the air .This kind of purifierremoves 99.97% of toxins whose size is averagely 0.3 microns or more .This kind of filter removes almost all pollutants from the air. They also have activated carbon filters that mainly trap smoke particles .This is not the case for air cleaners because they do not use filters to purify the air .Air purifiers are either portable or can be wall mounted. Air purifiers generally can purify the air in a room of an area of up to 1500 square feet ,this is a large area .It is hence efficient when it is in operation .Air purifiers are also energy efficient ,basically, this means that they do not require a lot of energy for them to operate. This definitely will save on energy cost. Some air purifiers are noisy when they are operating while others are ultra quiet. Ultra quiet types of air purifiers definitely provide a conducive environment for one to be, even when they are running. Most air purifiers are cheap and can hence be easily gotten from the market. Air purifiers remove air pollutants like cigarette smoke from the air, inhaling second hand smoke may turn out to be dangerous .Many people think that if they do not smoke they are not affected. Inhaling second hand smoke is said to be more dangerous than the actual smoking.

These two machines are said to be performing the same functions. People often can’t make out which is which but all in all they are very effective in their work and should be installed in your home if you are asthmatic or any of your family members is.

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