The Differences between an Air Purifier and Air Humidifier

The Differences between an Air Purifier and Air Humidifier


For sure no one would admire living in a house full of polluted and foul smelling air. Many people desire to be in a clean environment away from toxins .Breathing in fresh and quality air is very important for our health. Polluted air may trigger asthmatic attacks or cause respiratory tract infections. When people are exposed to pollute air chances of them contracting diseases are very high .They can end up getting deadly diseases like lung cancer, they can also contract a disease like bronchitis. Keeping the air in your house clean and breathable is highly beneficial for your health. This will generally maintain the health of your lungs and the whole body in general. Air humidifiers and air purifiers may turn out to be worth when they are bought and kept in the house to serve their purposes. Though the two generally serve almost the same purpose they are quite different in their functions. Here are some aspects and things that make the two devices different.


  • Air Humidifiers

An air humidifier is a device that increases the humidity levels in the house when they drop to low levels. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air .Low humidity can be more dangerous than high humidity .It can lead to itchy eyes, irritated throat, sinuses and dry skin. Air humidifiers also have other benefits including preventing the cracking of wooden furniture and also prevent cracks in the paints. Air humidifiers also reduces static charges .Static charges attract dust from the air and makes it hard to get rid of the dust .It is hence evident that an air humidifier is important and has health benefits.

  • Types of air humidifiers.

There are four main types of air humidifiers in the market. These include; Ultrasonic air Humidifier ; this is one type of an air humidifier which produces a cool mist at small, quiet and not easily noticed volumes. This is because they use ultrasonic waves to produce mist .The second type is the evaporative air humidifiers. This type of air humidifier is a cold humidifier and uses a fan to evaporate water into air .The third type of air humidifier are the Steam vaporizer air humidifier. This type of air humidifier uses an electric element to heat up water and hence create a warm mist .The last type of air humidifier is the impeller air humidifier .This type of air humidifiers increases the levels of humidity by producing a cool mist .These are some of the main types of air humidifiers and they are different from air purifiers.

  • Air purifiers.

Air purifiers are machines that trap and get rid of pollutants in the air. Unlike air humidifiers which increases the humidity levels, air purifiers remove toxins from the air .These toxins may include smoke and allergens like pollen or dust. If these kinds of pollutants are not gotten rid off they will lead to asthmatic attacks and even diseases like Lung cancer .Air purifiers are fitted with air filters that capture the air pollutants .The main filters being the HEPA (High efficient particulate air) filters and carbon filters .HEAP filters trap 99.97% of the toxins in the air which may be 0.3 microns in size .Carbon filters purify air by capturing and trapping pollutants like smoke.


  • Types of air purifiers

       There are many kinds of air purifiers in the market .They are of different prices and this is mainly because of their features .Some of the features of air purifiers may include the ability to purify air in a large area as big as even 1500 square feet. Some of the common air purifiers may include ‘Blue Air 603 Smokestop Air Purifier’,’Austin Air HealthMate HM 400’,’IQAir MultiGas GC ‘and ‘BlueAir 603 Smokestop Air Purifier’. These air purifiers are rated among the best known air purifiers. It is therefore evident that air purifiers and air humidifiers maintain the quality of the air at high standards .This so necessary for our well being and for a healthy living .The differences between these two devices is clearly seen to be their functions and mechanisms they use in maintaining the quality of air needed.

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