The Differences between an Air Purifier and intake

The Differences between an Air Purifier and intake.


These are two different machines. They have functional differences in that each of them performs its own functions which are different from the functions of the other. An air purifier traps and captures pollutants from the air. An air intake is a device that lets in fresh air from outside. This fresh air will neutralize or simply dilute the trapped pollutants from the air. It also replaces the air vented by exhaust fans and equipments that burn fuel. It is therefore clear that an air purifier and an air intake device generally perform functions which are aimed at providing high air quality. These two machines are hence different and this can be further explained in the following ways

Where Should You Place an Air Purifier

  • Air purifier.

This device or machine mainly is used to purify the air. It does this by trapping air pollutants like pollen, dust mites and even smoke’. This device is fitted with many kinds of air filters which may include HEPA filters or activated carbon filters. HEPA filters capture and trap 99.97% of pollutants which may have sizes as small as 0.3 microns. The activated carbon filter traps smoke particle’s from the air. It can do this efficiently since activated carbon has high absorption power that enables it to trap the smoke. Some air purifiers can be wall mounted while others are portable .Many consumers prefer portable air purifiers because they are cheaper and more energy efficient. They can also serve many rooms in the house. Air purifiers are used to reduce the effects of asthmatic triggers. Air purifiers trap the common triggers in the air which cause body reactions. Using air purifiers reduce the effects of these triggers. Some effects of these triggers may include coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath .Air purifiers are important in eliminating cigarette smoke. Second hand smoke from cigarettes is very dangerous and it is believed to be the lead cause of lung cancer in the world .Air purifiers get rid of these smoke particles by making the carcinogenic components of the polluted air inert. Air purifiers can clean up a large area .Some can purify air up to an area of 1500 square feet. Some common types of air purifier include ‘ BlueAir 603 Smoke stop Air Purifier’,’ Austin Air HealthMate HM 400’, ‘Rabbit Air MinusA2’ and ‘IQAir MultiGas GC’. These air purifiers have been modified to perform their work effectively. They have very advanced features that enable them perform. The ‘Rabbit Air MinusA2’ for example purifies the air in six different stages and even deodorizes the air. It is also ultra quiet in its operation. In summary an air purifier is different from an air intake machine mainly because of the functions it performs.

This is a device that draws fresh air from outside and brings it into the house to dilute the polluted air .It replaces the awe foul smelling air and hence exposing you to fresh and breathable air. An air intake machine reduces mildew build up and even moisture. It brings in quality fresh air into the house even when the windows and doors are closed. The most common type of air intake system is the Honeywell air intake system. This kind of air intake system is widely used in most homes due to its high levels of technology. It is designed to curb the frequent presence of pollutants that are in the air. Our homes are prone to pollutants and odors often and air intake devices can be helpful in such situations. Bad odor or presence of particles in the air is a very common scenario in many homes. Necessary measures like using an air intake system should be used to deal with the situation.

It is evident that an air purifier and an air intake system serve almost the same purpose though they might be having some differences as seen from the above explanations .They both maintain the air quality. Therefore the occupants of the house stay in conducive environment away from the pollutants in the air. It can be very efficient and ‘healthy ‘if one buys both devices for home use. These devices are available in the market at an affordable price.

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